The affiliation stated for each paper is that of the first author. Further details and contact information are included in the papers.

Julio Angulo, Karlstad UniversityUsable transparency through network representations and analyses

Louise Barkhuus, Stockholm UniversityPerceptions of Privacy in Continuous Location-Sharing Applications

Michael Dickard, Drexel UniversityTemporal Dimensions of Boundary Regulation: Theoretical and Empirical Considerations for Studying Online Social Privacy

Robin Brewer, Raymundo Cornejo, and Anne Marie Piper, Northwestern UniversityUnderstanding How to Care for Aging Generations Online

Roberto Hoyle, Apu Kapadia, David Crandall, and Qatrunanda Ismail, Indiana UniversityChallenges in Running Wearable Camera-Related Privacy Studies

Jennifer King, University of California BerkeleyUnderstanding Privacy Decision-Making Using Social Exchange Theory

Andreas Kramm, Petra Ilyes, Andreas Poller, and Laura Kocksch, Goethe UniversityStudying the Effects of SNS Users’ Alternative Privacy Strategies With an Activity Tracking Tool

Priya Kumar and Sarita Schoenebeck, University of MichiganHelping Parents Manage Their Children’s Digital Footprints

Nemanja Memarovic, University of ZurichPictures “In The Wild”: Uncovering Privacy Concerns for Situated Snapshots

Miriam Metzger and Jennifer Suh, University of California, Santa BarbaraPublic Perceptions of Networked Privacy: Past, Present, and Future

Karen Smith, Tamara Shepherd, Doug Belshaw, Leslie Regan Shade, and Kathryn Meisner, University of TorontoProduction, Play and Remix: Building Networked Privacy Through Empowerment

Luke Stark, New York UniversityVisceral Design, Visceral Privacy

Blase Ur, Carnegie Mellon UniversityMaintaining Privacy when Big Data Comes Home



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